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McNab Border Collie Puppies for sale

mcnab puppies for sale in california

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cute mcnab border collie puppy for sale in california

July 2014 Update:

Our 'Current Litter' page has all the information about our breeding stock and how to acquire our puppies. Click here for Current litter page. 2 Border collies for adoption:click here.

Breed Info: Our Ranch dogs have natural instinct for herding. Characteristically they go around to the head and hold stock, or to fetch and bring to you; these dogs have an innate ability to counter balance when working with you whether on horseback, foot, quad or with another dog. They have a bite and will take a hold of stock when necessary! They are extremely intelligent and sensitive, they easily learn directions by hand, verbal commands or whistle. (Puppies pictured in the green grass are from a previous litter)

Usual colors:
  • Black & white; solid black, red & white, variations of Choc., Copper, Tan. Occasional tri's. Collars.
  • face strips; snips; blaze
  • sometimes black speckles within the white
    Size traits:
  • Medium sized
  • Males: 40 - 60 pounds
    Females: 35 - 45 pounds.
mcnab border collie puppies playing in the grass

Traits of working cattle dogs include:

  • lots of eye, cat-footed
  • long ranging distance
  • catch and hold when working in pairs
  • good nose for scenting cattle
  • heat tolerant
  • hair coat short slick or smooth double coat easily sheds foxtails and burrs
  • extremely agile
  • easy stride covers ground effortlessly

Other skills:

  • Excellent agility
  • Frisbee
  • Catch ball competitions
  • Search and Rescue dogs
  • Active Family pets
  • Farm and Ranch friendly
  • Horseback riding companions
  • protective
  • very loving loyal companions

Litters are raised in outside barn and are weaned slowly on to healthy formulated puppy food and powdered reinforced milk replacer. Puppies are handled daily. They receive first bathes, 2 wormers, and first two vaccinations by 8 weeks. We do not dock tails. If you are interested in a puppy, contact Teri. Current Litter page

litter of mcnab border collie puppies for sale in calif
border collie mcnab cross puppies for sale in ca   mcnab dog red and white  in california   mcnab border collie female dog

We want our dogs to be sold to people who understand the breed characteristics and will provide a wholesome environment.

Prices: Purebred McNabs: $800. Mcnab Border collie cross: $650.

Contact: Teri Garcin (805) 934-2752   Email:garcinstockdogs@hotmail.com

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